Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spring Energy Savings Tips

Springtime in the Spokane area can bring with it sunny warm days and cool crisp evenings. This often means fluctuating temperatures as Mother Nature gets ready for summer. Keeping up with the ebb and flow of irregular temperature shifts can lead to energy inefficiencies.  Here are seven tips to save money on energy costs in the spring months:
  1. Open the windows – One of the benefits of spring is that the hot days of summer, that often require air conditioning, have not yet arrived. Opening the windows allows you to bring the spring air into your house to create pleasant cross ventilation in your home. These breezes will naturally warm or cool your home and keep your surroundings comfortable.
  2. Energy SavingsService your air conditioner – Although the spring months do not generally require air conditioning, they are the perfect time to give your unit a check-up to be prepared for the warm summer temperatures ahead. A properly running air conditioner combined with clean air filters can reduce energy consumption by up to 15 percent.  
  3. Turn on ceiling fans – Like cross ventilation from open windows, ceiling fans use minimal energy and can also help to circulate comfortable air flow throughout your house.
  4. Keep the oven off – Spring is the perfect time to grill in the great outdoors. In addition to enjoying a delicious meal, you will have the added benefit of keeping the warm air caused by cooking out of your home.
  5. Let the sunshine in – Open up your shades and allow natural light to spill into your home. Sunny days mean you can use a minimal amount artificial lighting sources.
  6. Close the blinds – On those unseasonably warm days, closing window treatments can actually keep your home cooler. Consider looking into energy efficient window treatments that can save money in both warm and cold temperatures.
  7. Seal up the holes – Cold winter temperatures can cause your home to expand and contract. Take some time to examine the exterior of your house for any gaps that could cause air leaks. Use caulking to close up these holes to keep your home properly sealed.
Contact the experts at Blue Flame Heating and Air Conditioning for even more energy saving ideas and don’t forget to schedule your annual air conditioning servicing!